Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just Over One Week - Totally Raw!

Within one week of changing up my diet, I have noticed these things:

- nearly over my month long bout with pneumonia
(only a wee bit of lingering chest congestion, but I continue to improve everyday)
- lost 4 pounds
- complexion has smoothed out and has a dewier appearance.
- spectacular regularity (2 - 3 poops a day!)
- energy levels are higher
- no more cravings for junk foods or sweets
- needing less sleep
- mind is less foggy and I am able to focus on unpleasant household tasks
- more enthusiastic and bursts of creativity
- general feelings of hope and well-being.

My diet has consisted of fruit smoothies, green drinks and raw foods for dinner. Last night I had shrimp ceviche and a marvelous salad. Night before last, I had zucchini angel hair pasta with arrabiata sauce and pistachio pesto.

I am not hungry or feeling deprived at all. I am not really exercising yet, but I plan to include a simple plan of daily walking and yoga to complete the plan.