Thursday, November 13, 2008

Give Peas A Chance

Have you been thinking about trying the raw food diet but aren't sure about how to start or how you could possibility do it with a busy life, full time job, family, meat eating spouse, yada yada? Well, how's about joining forces with me and my most beloved raw food personality, Beth aka Bunny Berry: and go sign up to be part of The Raw Fu Holiday Challenge, Peas On Earth, which starts on November 15th (that's this coming Saturday!) I am inviting you because I want you to love yourself enough to take charge of what you've been putting into that cake hole and get the support you need to start making positive choices that could seriously change your life for the better.There will be a fabulous Holiday Challenge Workbook, new Holiday Challenge edition tee shirts that are so cute, you're definitely going to want one!! Here's Angela Thomas, Bunny and I sporting our last challenge T-shirts in the Phoenix Airport: ......and of course when you join us you'll get daily videos and tons of community support to help keep you motivated and inspired to make deliciously healthy food choices during the holidays. And guess what, when you're spending all your money on presents and holiday fun, this weight loss, health rejuvenating program won't cost you a thing, IT"S TOTALLY FREE!!! So, please come along and be part of the Holiday Raw Fu Possee!
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