Monday, November 17, 2008

Raw Essentials

Carol Alt has just shown it all for the first time in the December 2008 issue of Playboy magazine. On the cover of the publication, Alt is baring it to make a point. As an actress, author and the original supermodel, Carol Alt, a huge supporter and advocate of the raw food diet, decided that the best way to demonstrate the benefits of the diet is to give a body of evidence.....her own. Whether you agree with her decision to pose nude or not, there's no denying that Carol looks amazing at 48. Recently interview by Access Hollywood, Ms. Alt shares, “I’ve done a lot of soul-searching about this and have spoken extensively with Playboy about it. They have been amazing to work with and are embracing this message that I want to get across, which is eat healthy, look healthy and be healthy.” Alt also shares from an article on her website, “It doesn’t matter what age you are. You can look sexy and feel great, and that doesn’t have to be a gift only for the young. It can be a gift for any age, even the old (whatever that is nowadays).”

In the Playboy article, Carol talks a lot about the raw food diet. She says, "I feel better today than at 24. I look better. My skin looks better. I'm more chiseled." She goes on to share, "I believe God wants me to speak about this-I'm a born-again Christian.....and I needed a platform, which is why I'm in Playboy. Nobody loves the female form like Playboy, and there's no better way to show women you don't have to live with getting old."

I had the pleasure of working with Carol Alt for her second book on raw food, The Raw 50. In this anticipated follow-up to her first book, Eating in the Raw, Carol presents easy, everyday raw food recipes and more stories about people who have adopted a raw diet. The story of how I went raw is featured in The Raw 50, and a couple of my juice recipes are featured as well. If you don't have a copy of this book, you should consider making it part of your raw library as it contains all of Carol’s favorite raw recipes. The Raw 50 is the ideal go-to guide for anyone ready to experience the life-changing benefits of eating in the raw.

In addition to all of the Playboy pulicity, Ms. Alt is also applying the youthful, rejuvenating effects of the raw food diet to her daily beauty regimen with a four-item skin care line called Raw Essentials. Carol is passionate about incorporating what she considers to be the "life changing benefits" of eating raw food into this pristine skin care line after fighting illness and fatigue while battling uterine cancer more than a decade ago. Triggered by the idea that any chemicals you put on your skin will be absorbed into the body, this line will be created from 100% raw, active ingredients derived from the earth. Unlike many other skin care lines, Raw Essentials won’t be using any dangerous parabens, petrochemicals or preservatives. This “beyond natural and organic” Raw Essentials skin care line, will be carried exclusively on HSN starting next month with an excusive preview scheduled for December 11th & 12th, then the line will be available from January 2009 on a greater scale.

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