Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fighting My Fat Demons

(WARNING....I AM REALLY RAW in this post, I hope I don't offend anybody, but I just had to get this off my chest.)
I know most of you don't know what all we've been up to in the Raw Food Rehab group. So I thought I'd share today's discussion thread and video with you. I have a feeling you might need this message just as much as I needed to deliver it:

Just so you guys get the clear picture, here is the beautiful couple that own the Yoga Room, Tom & Nicole Tobias.I WILL NOT DIE of embarrassment if I go do yoga with these people. They WANT me to be the best I can be. For years I have allowed my own fat demons to dictate my life. They say, "You can't go there, people will notice how much weight you've gained." "OH, you can't go to that cocktail party, what if so & so is there, she'll give you the stink eye when she sees how much weight you've put on." And then, "You better just stay home because NOTHING looks good on you....even black makes you look fat at this weight."

The one thing I've learned is that SuperHeroes like my friends Tom and Nicole, fight and conquer their demons. People like David Wolfe, George Malkemus, Kris Carr, and Philip McClusky have kicked their fears, doubts, disbeliefs and diseases to the curb. They are overcomers.

Well, FAT DEMONS, listen up....I'm turning the tables on you TODAY! Me and about 100 of my closest friends are fed up with you and your antics. You better be afraid, cause we're coming at you...kicking your asses and calling you by name: Goodbye FEAR, later UNWORTHINESS, so long GUILT & SHAME, you are outta here LAZINESS & EXCUSES. You have no place in Raw Food Rehab or in any of our lives ANYMORE.

Who do you need to single out, call out, and kick out of your life today? Go ahead, call them by name right here and now. As the Director of Raw Food Rehab, I stand strong beside you, agreeing that we're not going to take the torment or believe these stinking lies anymore. Come on Rehabbers, help me out....who else do you have hanging around that needs to go??
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