Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Are You Blaming?

Some of you may already know Lauren Nastasi. She is a GORGEOUS woman, writes for Kris Carr as a "Crazy Sexy Blogger," maintains her own inspirational online health journal, Ginger Is The New Pink, is on Twitter and she lives with Crohn's Disease. Lauren has graciously agreed to share her most recent story with my friends at Raw Food Rehab:

"I went to my doctor yesterday, he is a chiropractor who also works on holistic and homeopathic care. This was my 3rd time seeing him and I seem to be progressing greatly.

Yesterday, he asked if I was religious and I said yes and I told him I was a Catholic. He held my arm up and told me to keep it straight while he pushes down and try not to let it fall (we do this exercise with a lot of different questions). He asked me if I have faith in God healing me, my arm went slightly down. Then he asked if I feel hurt by God putting Crohn's disease onto me and my arm went straight down. I told him that when I get really ill the first person I blame is God. I curse yell and scream with the whole "WHY ME?" or "What did I do wrong to deserve this..!" He told me to work on forgiving God and let him forgive me. In Mondays session with him he told me to walk around saying "I am worthy" in my head. I've been doing so and I feel great. So now on Wednesday he added "I am worthy of forgiving God, letting God forgive me and being loved by God." I have been saying this constantly and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I deserve to be loved and healed by God.

I also tend to over eat, we are working on this as well. I have my goal number which he told me to put around the house and remember it in my head by saying "I am worthy of weighing X.." Also, he told me when I feel the need to overeat to lay down on the ground, bed, wherever and breath in and out slowly repeating "I am worthy of being thin." Although I have only started this on Monday, I have noticed a huge difference in my thinking, I really believe it will help me."

Thank you for sharing your very candid story with us Lauren. I am so blessed by your journey of healing. Plus you too have a dog named Ginger.....Love you to pieces!
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