Monday, July 6, 2009

Someone You Should Know - Jen Hoppa

I first met Jen Hoppa last year at a Real Food Tulsa meeting. Since that time, Jen's enthusiasm, zest for life and delightful humor has become a treasure to me, always brightening my day. When I first meantioned to Jen that I was going to be writing a Raw Food Cleanse book, she squealed with enthusiasm and asked if she could be a guinea pig on my Raw Food Program. Little did she know that comment would take on a life of it's own and be the very beginning of what is now known as Raw Food Rehab.

Not only has Jen become impassioned with the raw food diet, she's got her parents, Bill & Katy, on board and feeling the radical raw love! If you haven't checked out Jen's YouTube page, you're in for a treat. She and her parents have recently returned home from their "Raw Family Roadtrip," so on her channel you'll find cool videos including some from their wonderful, raw-inspiring and heart warming vacation. Here's just one part of their New Mexico Vacation:

Although Jen's parents missed the cut off to join our big raw experiment by hours, they have been unofficial members since the beginning and Katy and I have even been staying in contact with their stats via Facebook. The last 5 weeks have been very significant for both Bill and Katy as they are experiencing dramatic improvements in their health, weight loss, new levels of energy and endurance and a highened sense of overall well being. They have been living this experiment together as a family and it has brought a new facet of bonding in their relationship with their daughter. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Jen has suddenly lost any excess weight she might have had 5 weeks ago is even getting random guys hitting on her outside of grocery stores.

Hoppa's, thanks for being such a great example to us. We want some of your special love and unique family energy to fall into each of our lives today!! Real Food Tulsa, RAW FOOD REHAB and I SALUTE you (and Bill's "soul patch"). RAWK ON!!
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