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Lovemore co-founder, Andrea Crossman, has been plugged into raw foods since June 1st of this year. She took the plunge into living foods when she joined the Raw Food Rehab Experiment at the time I was looking for volunteer guinea pigs for my research project. Andrea hopped right in line when she learned that the project included a program of raw foods, detoxification, healing, and weight loss. You can read a firsthand account about Andrea's experience thus far on the popular raw lifestyle blog, We Like It Raw. So far, Andrea has already dropped 25 pounds in just 9 weeks!

More about the Raw Love T-shirts
So, Andrea & I, having the entrepreneurial spirit that we do, came up with a plan to partner together to create something that we're super excited about. These Raw Love, Earth Love shirts will be printed entirely in water-based inks. That means the print will actually dye the fabric and the final product will have much more of a handmade and vintage feel than what you see here.

As always, Lovemore believes in giving back, so $1 from each shirt will go to charity. Andrea & I are still working to chose the non-profit that's just right, and I'll will update you here as soon as we know our gift recipient.

Lovemore is offering the inaugural batch of shirts at a very special price as a thank you to the world of raw foods for bringing a little more light to into their world at Lovemore central. These Raw Love t-shirts are for anyone who appreciates the glow-getting qualities of raw healthy foods, and were created in honor of the life transformations that have occured within Raw Food Rehab for the past 2 1/2 months.

Before the tees can go to print, we have to have 52 orders, including a minimum of 12 of each style. So if you want to get in on this great opportunity, it's really important that you place your order ASAP and that you also share this info with anyone who you think may be interested. That can include your family or friends, your blogs (your friend's blogs!), Twitter, Facebook...anything! And those folks all get the special price of $27 ($7 off the regular tshirt price)--which is a pretty good deal for an eco-fabulous tee that is super soft and flattering.

When you place your order you will enter all of your information--credit card, address, etc--but you won't be charged until Lovemore ships your tee. We will do our absolute best to turn these around as quickly as possible, but a reasonable expectation is 4 - 5 weeks after we hit magic number 52!

USA – flat rate of $6, FREE shipping on product orders over $150
Canada and Mexico – flat rate of $12
All other international locations – flat rate of $15

Be sure to consult the size chart as the shirts run 1 - 2 sizes large for women, because they're unisex-y! ;)

3 different designs are currently being offered and each is offered in 3 different t-shirt styles. Pretty cool, don't you think? Click this link to take you directly to the Lovemore web page.
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