Friday, December 26, 2008

Raw Food Rehab.....Step Away From the Cake

Like many of you who are reading this, I've sampled some really tasty cooked foods over this past month. I have this amazing family of gourmetesque cooks who love to bring out their blue ribbon dishes for holidays. The way I handle it is this.....I eat a reasonable portion of the dishes I really love, I take digestive enzymes and I put myself into raw food rehab when I've had enough.

I generally like to make a fresh start on January 2nd....not the first since my annual New Year's Day tradition is to toast to new beginnings with a sip of champagne first thing in the morning and eat my black-eyed peas at some point in the day. But this year, I am feeling "the call" early, so I'm starting off my New Year today, on December 26th. As I shared with my friends on Raw Fu, here is the list of my goals/resolutions/intentions for the rest of 2008 and into 2009:

1. Get Juicy! - Juice Feast 2.0 - starting now, through the end of January. This will be my very own program of fresh juices, smoothies, soups, teas, smart cocktails and elixirs for 40 days. 100% raw, no booze, liquid diet for the next 40 days.

2. Cardio Workout and Yoga classes at the gym. I WILL walk through those gym doors 4 days a week, minimum.

3. Finish my book.

4. Stay plugged in spiritually. Listen more, read my bible, pray, meditate and journal.

5. Look for ways to love my family & friends in even more meaningful ways.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts, resolutions or goals are for starting your New Year off on a positive note. Please share with me a few of your plans in the comments below. There is just something powerful about putting it out there, in writing. If you need some food for thought, go check out this great, inspiring article on How to Press the Reset Button On Your Life. (thanks RebeccaJ!)
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