Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celebration Earth - Day 50

In most cities of our nation, there was a celebration taking place honoring next week's official holiday, Earth Day. Where I live was no exception. Tulsa had multiple events taking place, but I chose to attend my old favorite, the Sand Springs Herbal Affair & Festival, which is always held on or around Earth Day. It couldn't have been a more perfect day, as Spring was in the air and thousands of visitors were on hand for the occasion. More than 90 vendors bring herbs, native plants and heirlooms, along with their herbal and locally produced products, gardening supplies and folk art to the heart of Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Only a short 10 minute drive west of Tulsa, Sand Springs wets the appetite of those with spring fever with a celebration that began nearly 20 years ago. Each year this festival attracts some 30,000 people. Many surrounding communities now host similar events because of this festival's ongoing popularity. What once began as a small downtown street sale, now remains the "queen" of all Earth Day festivals, as it is the largest and most respected in my state.

I scored big on some heirloom tomato varieties when I ran into Lisa Merrell, the tomato lady. Lisa is my favorite vendor from which to do business because her dad has been growing heirlooms in this area for many years and I trust anything that comes from their farm. Lisa also co-owns, The Living Kitchen, which is a sustainable farm, in progress, with Lisa (bibi) Becklund, formerly a gourmet chef from Seattle. They raise chickens, milk goats, hair sheep, and a variety of vegetables and heirloom garlic and tomatoes. They sell their fresh goat's milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs from their farm. Now, that's the kind of lifestyle I can get excited about. I met Lisa Merrell when she managed the Wednesday market, back in the day when I used to sell my raw food creations at the Tulsa Farmer's Market.

Besides today being a day to celebrate and honor our precious earth, it is also Day 50 of my juice feast! I'd love to tell you that I drank a marvelous, spectacular concoction as a tribute to this day, but I actually drank the master cleanse up until dinner time due to my busy schedule. I did stay focused on hydration today because it was about 80 degrees and I felt like I was loosing fluids rapidly. This evening I had a beautiful green lemonade, heavy on the green, which made it me feel completely alive once again. Happy Earth Day to All!


Charis said...

Yay Penni! I'm so excited for you! 50 days, what a milestone. You must be so proud of yourself (I would be, ;0)

I love your blog too! :)

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Congrats on day 50! Sounds like a totally wonder-filled day.
Pixy Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hey Penni,
congratulations on Day 50 how time flies! Philip is on day 90 can u belive it!
Well its day 26 for me and I am feeling fine. I am taking chanca piedra now in addition to msm, it works! I feel the detox symptoms on an upswing. Also exercising way more and I think this speeds detox up. Anyway how nice Tulsa must be, they ignored Earth Day here I went around wishing Enrico and everyone here happy earth day but that was it--
I will work on leading by example while here. The heirloom and native herbs festival is exactly my kind of event. Lots of love to you, Dea xoxo

Michelle said...

Hi Penni, first off excellent blog my friend! I am so proud of your juice feasting at day 50! Amazing! I will have to try a juice feast in the near future! It just sounds like so much love and wonderfullness fills your body during a feast! Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Hey Penni,
I just moved to Tulsa and I was wondering if you know where to find raw goats milk around here?