Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the Cocoon - Day 33

Wikipedia defines the word metamorphosis as the biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's form or structure through cell growth and differentiation. The word is derived from the Latin words meta, meaning change, and morph, meaning form. The definition also goes on to say that some living creatures undergo metamorphosis, which usually, but not always, is accompanied by a change of habitat or behavior.

I sent a message out this morning to my friends on Twitter saying that I have become keenly aware that this process of juice feasting is very much a metamorphosis on all levels....mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When I started this "project," I had the understanding that it could very well be a life changing experience, much like one intellectually knows when pregnant that ultimately their growing baby will be born and he/she will change the parents' life as they know it. This impending change is understood, yet it is not a true reality until the actual birth occurs, especially for the father. David Rainoshek shares that juice feasting is a "hero's journey." He bases his theory for this on the work of Joesph Campbell's, The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Within this concept, Rainoshek outlines the vision quest in four points:

  • To separate from one's daily routine and go into the wilderness
  • To embark on an epic journey, whether metaphorical or real.
  • To allow for a ceremonial death and rebirth....a death of ideas, actions or beliefs no longer appropriate for one's new world.
  • To integrate one's reborn self back into the community, many times to teach what one has learned on the hero's journey.
Before beginning my juice feast and even a week or so into the process, I only had a concept of these ideas. Honestly, it wasn't real to ME. I actually thought there might be a bit of hype regarding such claims.....I mean how can just drinking juice be that big of a deal? I am just now beginning to understand the reality of the meaning of what it is to be on a hero's journey. On Day 33, I am becoming much lighter in not only my physical body but in my mind, emotions and spirit as well. Having no heavy, sedative or stimulating foods to digest really does make a significant impact in one's overall essence. I am not deliberately changing my thought processes but through this experience I find they are changing and evolving. I am also specifically aware of my gut instincts and how I am intuitively much more receptive to my surroundings. I feel an elevation in my spirit that allows me to flow in a continual state of peace and gratitude for this opportunity in my life. And my body is melting slowly into the person I know I've been all along....a more slim, healthy and vibrant me.

What really gets me is this.....we were created to live and resonate on this level of existence, yet unfortunately, it is not the norm. The brain fogged over, dulled, harden hearted, slugged out, addicted, overweight person is not what God intends for us, yet how many people are settling for that as their reality on a daily basis? How many people live life this way and don't even think about it. They don't entertain the thought that life could be and SHOULD be different and better. I suppose that's where I've always been a trailblazer. I have always known and believed that we were created for greatness, wholeness and to live lives fully alive. I am not content to settle. I want those possibilities that I've dreamed of and that I know exist. Do I think a person needs to do a juice feast to go there? Absolutely not. This path is a really efficient way to find that magical place, but there are other paths too. I think making changes as simple as removing heavily cooked foods, stimulants and processed foods is a way of bringing more balance and wholeness to your system. Also, making the commitment to choose organic and locally grown produce whenever possible has an impact. And stepping away from the computer and going outside to breathe in fresh air, get sunshine and take a walk are also ways to reconnect ourselves to that person we were created to be.

So, I am safely in my juicy cocoon, aware of the metamorphosis that is taking place within and with out. I don't know what I will become by the end of this incubation period, but for now, I delight in the process and I am thoroughly enjoying the ride so far.

Beginning Weight (3-1-08) 171
Weight on (3-24-08) 157
Today's Weight (4-2-08) 153 (total loss 18 lbs.)


Michelle said...

Beautiful post today Penni and so profound. It really is a metamorphosis that takes place during a juice feast.

I am feeling like I am in a cocoon lately. Very introverted and quiet. It seems to fit.

Keep up the fabulous glowing that you are doing through your body and your words.


1 Raw Girl said...

I agree, a very Beautiful post indeed! I am officially addicted to green juice in the mornings, and I am on solid ground the whole day through when I begin this way! :)

I am so thrilled with your joy of Juicing Penni, You emminate love and light inside out!

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful on so many levels, Penni. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

I look forward to watching the metamorphosis unfold even more!

Lots of love to you, always!


Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Great post. I feel like I'm in a cocoon too. I've been very much in silence through this whole thing. I'm excited to see what the future holds.
Pixy Lisa

Hanlie said...

Very true and beautifully written. I feel it too!

LittleGirl l BIG VOICE said...

I love reading all you juice feaster's blogs! Yours especially is one I come to almost daily and it really inspires me for the juice feast I am planning for the summer! Thanks for being so committed to documenting the process and your experience. You are definitely paying it forward for others (like me)!!!

JulieK said...

Wow, wow, wow, Penni. Your words have touched home in ways you don't even know. I have such admiration for your courage, strength, and truths. Much love to you, I will e-mail you soon.

<3, Julie

Linda in the Raw said...

beautiful. defininately a profound metamorphosis while juice feasting.

keep up the good work, stay in the present, you're doing great!!


Anonymous said...

your writing is so good, I do believe you could carve out a book out of this. You already have media exposure, local name recognition and some exposure nationally and internationally in the raw food world atleast if not broader. You are so clear, eloquent. I "felt" what you were saying. You my dear are already helping so many of us with your clear, concise and evocative writing...w/a book you could reach so many more ppl. Ciao, your biggest fan in Europe xo Dea

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