Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dreams - Day 61

Since I've been juice feasting, I've noticed that my dream recall is more heightened. Perhaps I've always dreamed in color and so vividly, but most of the time now, when I awake, I'm aware of a grand saga of dreaming that has taken place during my slumber. Lately I have been dreaming about my first true love. My dreams are not at all sexual in nature, but they are very tender, sweet and innocent. It's also interesting that they seem to be set in the current time. In these dreams, he and I are close friends, exchanging dialog and enjoying one another's company. My husband is generally there in the background and his children are there, running and playing in the distance. This remembrance has felt quite healing and there remains a certain peace when I recall these dreams in the light of day.

In the material on the juice feasting website, they discuss the theory that one goes back approximately 120 days for each day of juice feasting. If that is true, it would put me back around the time of my 22nd year.....the very time that I was in this particular love affair. Only tonight, did I put this together and now I find it rather curious and heart warming at the same time. With the issues my daughter has been dealing with, (see yesterday's post), it seems even more meaningful suddenly. I don't have any regrets at this point. I find that I'm feeling a real sense of gratitude for the experiences and people who have helped mold me into who I have become today. It has been good to revisit and to pay my respects to my past over the last 20+ years. But perhaps I should warn you now, as I go back even further, it can only get more interesting from here!

Wednesday's Daily Juice:
1.5 qt. strawberry, blood orange juice, coconut water, spirulina, maca juice
1.5 qt. celery, kale, beet, carrot, onion, garlic, lemon, sea salt
I wasn't able to drink anything until mid afternoon because my emotions were still exaggerated from yesterday's drama. I drank plenty of water and I felt really well into this evening. Things are settling down, so tomorrow I should be back on track with the juice intake.


Michelle said...

Hope things are settling down for you. I am thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The raw dreaming alone is inspiration enough to start juicing!

Lory said...

Talk about blast from the past! I just wanted to let you know that I've been following your journey and wish you much success along the way. You are a great inspiration.
Lory Ferguson, BHS SR '83

Linda Salas said...

Oh my goddess! Penni, I had the exact same thing happen, A week ago I was surprised to be dreaming of my first serious boyfriend for 3 nights in a row, and counting the days back it corresponded with the time we were together, how cool.... maybe it was some sort of emotional remainder detox? I was even wondering if it was some sort of energetic or pshycic detox because all of our cells are completely replaced in about 7 years, so it couldnt be cellular memory. Also my body is around the size it was in that time... hehe, I find all this to also be a magical journey. I feel so connected to you knowing you went through the exact same thing, and that confirms my theory that those dreams have everything to do with this juicing business!


Charis said...

Hey Penni...I just found this awesome site...

You probably know about it already, since you're the Juice Queen currently. Just watching the video on the page I sent you makes me want to juice and juice and juice. So upbeat and fun. Thought you might enjoy it.


HiHoRosie said...

Thought I'd swing by and say hi! You're looking fab and glowing! Wishing you continued success on your juice feast. Also, love how supportive you are of everyone you visit (see your comments a lot). Happy dreaming!

Anonymous said...

I giggled at your warning! ;-)

How incredible that you and Linda were able to experience such similar dreams on the juice feasting! I hope you continue to have vibrant dreams; I love dreams!

Again, I absolutely LOVE the image in your post, Penni!

Lots and lots of love to you,


Anonymous said...

Hi Penni,
that is wonderful that you have recall of your dreams. I know I am having intense dreams but I don't quite remember them.
That is so sweet that you dreamed about an ex boyfriend and your family is in the background. How cool that you were able to back track and figure out that your juice feasting time line places you right at when you had this relationship. I am having memories flooding my mind and I think its detox related, also saying good bye to those memories and past experiences. Thank you for sharing, this is such a wonderful experience. Love to you, Dea xo
ps. Hope your computer issues have been resolved and all is working again (: