Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Like It Raw - Day 47

Earlier this week I was asked to write an article for Women's Week, this week's feature segment on We Like It Raw. It was a real honor to be included in such a grouping of contributors, women who are truly amazing personalities within the health and raw food world. I've been a follower of Dhrumil, the creator of WLIR, for several years now and he never ceases to amaze me. I had the pleasure of finally meeting Dhru at the end of last month in New York. The above photograph was taken of he and I at Sarma Melngalis' Pure Food & Wine in Manhattan. Meeting him in person was everything I knew it would be. He has this presence that is unlike anyone I've ever been around. That's saying a lot because I've lived awhile and I'm a people person. I study people, their mannerisms, their body language and I look at the their aura and into their spirit. I'll can tell you that spending time with Dhrumil is like being with a great spiritual teacher and he leaves you with a feeling like....butter. I have every confidence that he is going to do big things. And I mean really big.

If you would like to read my article, you can do so here. I hope you'll tune in to We Like It Raw each day this week, as new essays and podcasts will continue to be posted. I would also like to invite you to join our online community at Give It To Me Raw. Think Myspace or Facebook, but it's all health conscious, like-minded individuals that are caring, sharing and supporting one another along this journey. I am blown away by the people I've encountered through this website. Do check it out!

This morning I had a really tasty juice....I blended raspberries, strawberries, coconut water, orange juice and spirulina. I strained any pulp and the seeds out and then re-blended with a bit of ice to make it almost like a smoothie. What a delicious treat! Midday I had to mix up a quick quart of master cleanse (lemon juice, raw honey, pure water and cayenne pepper) because I was rushed for time. This evening I had my usual spicy salsa juice and I drank about 2 quarts. I had another episode with bathroom drama :-( I guess I am going to have to give up the jalapeƱos at some point. The burn factor is hot on the way down, but it's almost too much on the way out. YOWZA!


Dhrumil said...

With deep appreciation I thank you for being such a force in our community. Namaste Penni

Anonymous said...

That was a very inspirational article, Penni! In sharing so much of yourself with everyone, you are helping many people. I think you are an amazing woman, and I love you!


p.s. You don't need those spicy peppers--you are hot enough already. :-P

Anonymous said...

Great article Penni,
Dhrumil is amazing! I have never met him in person but his wisdom, kindness and grace are palpable through email and txt mssg too. He is someone in the community who could strut around if he wanted to but instead he is kind and available and I love that about him. I think you are pretty amazing too, you both have a quality that is important in leaders...the ability to connect and make others connect. Such a blessing! xo Dea