Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Acres - Day 53

My Dad has been reading my blog (no telling what this dear ol' ex-Marine thinks as he reads of my juice feasting tales), so he knows that I've been composting all of my pulp from juicing. He also knows that I have a serious imbalance in my current pile of scraps. I had to call him last night to report that I have a tasmanian devil tornado of fruit flies that have taken over my backyard compost and kitchen in great numbers. Being the old time organic gardener that he is, he came riding up on his white horse this afternoon (aka in his white chevy pickup) to save the day! First of all, he brought a new composter that is really impressive. This one is an extra that he had and he swears he is never going to use it, so now it's mine. It is built up on a metal frame and it is one that can be turned easily every few days. He also brought books for me to read (having all that information registered into his long term memory banks by now) on all aspects of organic gardening, canning and correct composting. He says my ratios have been off and that's why the fruit fly population is increasing by the day. I have way too much wet pulp and not enough dry yard clippings and leaves. Also everything has just been sitting in that round composter stagnating. The acid/alkaline balance is off. (Is all of this starting to sound strangely like something that can happen in our digestive systems from time to time?) Anyway, I'll have to get out there with a pitch fork and stir that nasty pot, adding leaves and even some newspaper to dry it out. I have to tell you I am starting to feel a little "Green Acres" right now. You should see my finger nails :-( I am totally a big city girl at heart but my love of working in the soil gets me rolling up my girly girl sleeves every time! Three cheers for the world's greatest dad! Hip Hip Hooray!

Another exciting tidbit.....looks like I will be going to Raw Spirit Fest this September! I've made a reservation at a nearby hotel in Sedona. Oh and heads up, the Radisson, where the event is taking place, is already sold out. There is no doubt that this annual event is going to be substantially bigger and more impressive than last year. I wasn't able to make the pilgrimage last year, but my friend Angela and I are planning on making the trek this year. I also think it would be cool if I could find a big house to rent in Sedona and have a bunch of my raw friends join up and we could take it over for a few days! Who knows what might end up happening before September arrives?!

I also had a chance to talk to my friend, Paula, tonight. I recently met with her to discuss her health and how she might start incorporating more raw foods into her diet. She called to report that she is doing great! She bought a Breville juicer this weekend and has been making some green drinks, specifically, Natalia Rose's Green Lemonade. This is the first time she has had freshly extracted, organic juice in her life! I was so excited to hear that Paula has been feeling a real increase in energy in just a short amount of time. She is the friend who I mentioned ordered "the box" from Matt Amsden's RAWvolution and she gave the food rave reviews. Man, am I'm going to be ready for some fabulous raw meals in about a month and a half!! So, Paula....I am so proud of your dedication and inspired by your passion and great results so far! Keep up the fantastic work!

Tuesday's Daily Juice:
1 qt. grapefruit & Crystal Manna
1 qt. strawberry, goji berry, blood orange and spirulina
2 qt. carrots, celery, romaine, asparagus, red bell pepper, dandelion greens, heirloom tomatoes, garlic, jalapeƱo, lime
I have also started taking a B12 sublingual supplement today.


Anonymous said...

Aww!! What a great Daddy you have!!! Three cheers for Dad!

I hope you can get the balance right in your compost and that the flies find another place to live!

Lots of love to you!


Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Hey your dad sounds like mine! Hard workin' guys.
I did contact the Rainosheks about the fainting, but haven't heard back yet.
I'm much better today. Thanks for the concern.
Pixy Lisa

Anonymous said...

Aren't Daddies the best at having just the right thing at the right time?

Whole Foods has this new stuff with 2000% Vit C and 417% B12 in it. They are those Vitamin packs you put in your water bottle and are called Jones 24C. I keep them in my purse now for times I feel my energy dip.

Michelle said...

Raw Spirit Fest! How exciting for you! I wish I could join you but it is at a bad time of year for me. My son will be turning 11 on the 13th of September so it's a no-go for me. I will be looking forward to your full report.

I will be thinking of you with a pitch fork. In fact, that would be a fun picture :o)

Love ya!