Saturday, April 5, 2008

Soulshine Saturday - Day 36

I love Saturdays. I love the energy in places like the market or grocery store and the sounds in the neighborhood of children playing and the sights of people out walking their dogs or working in their yards. I love walking down Brookside, a bustling street by where I live, and seeing people out dining at sidewalk cafes and coffee shops. Saturdays in Spring, oh how I love thee!

I got all of my shopping done today so my kitchen and refrigerator is back to being fully stocked for another 4 or 5 days of juice feasting. I also made one of my famous batches of Cranberry Maple Granola (from Raw Food Real World). I add a few different ingredients....I add thick rolled oats (the girls ask for that) and ground & whole golden flax seeds. I also add two additional chopped apples for a sweeter flavor. This is one raw treat my 14 year old will actually eat and my husband has it every morning for his breakfast with raw goat's milk yogurt and berries. It is pretty much a staple around here and it was fun to be busy in the kitchen doing something other than making juice. I think will send my brother & sister-in-law who live in Salt Lake City a care package of grawnola. Uncle Larry & Aunt Debbie like the grawnola during our family get togethers and they marvel at the effect it has on their eliminatory organs :- ) I suppose it is the flax seeds and other fiber in the mix that create this side effect for some people. Is it a sign that we're becoming like old people when we get so excited about being regular? Hey, no matter what your age, it's important to keep things moving through the system, right?

Time to elevate onto a higher subject matter.....I have become acquainted with a fellow juice feaster online named Hanlie who has a great blog that I've been following. She is on Day 66 of her feast and she's an intriguing woman for a number of reasons. I found what she shared today really powerful and feel that it is worth repeating so I am sharing a bit of it here on my blog. Hanlie says, ..."I’m still enjoying juice feasting, but the same thing that is preventing me from exercising is also preventing me from “experiencing” my juice feast. I am in effect still not allowing my old, toxic emotions to surface and with it I’m holding on to a lot of physical toxins. Everything has slowed down - releasing toxins, weight and emotional garbage. While my body is obviously benefiting from the juicing, I’m not even scratching the surface of what can be… And I have to overcome that fear! I have to start letting go…the scene is set, I just need to make an entrance into my own life and juice feast."

I felt like her clear and concise thoughts are so true of many of us in our daily lives. Are we really entering in and playing the starring role in our own lives? Are we even remotely in touch with that superhero that we all know we are created to be (even if we only remember it in our wildest dreams)? What about you? Have you begun to scratch the surface of what can be in your life? Do you feel the call? Will you answer? Last weekend in New York at Successfully Raw, Karen Knowler shared this meaningful but simple sentence with the audience...."That which you seek is also seeking you." That really spoke to me and I believe it to be true. Is there anything you are seeking? The good news is that something is most likely seeking you. Allow yourself the time to to think and meditate upon that. Tomorrow, Sunday, is a perfect day to allow that question to rattle around within yourself. Until & peace to all!


Hanlie said...

Great post! I love the Karen Knowler quote and am going to start trusting that I won't fall apart completely if I let go...

Anonymous said...

Wow, Penni. Thanks for sharing what she wrote. The deep truth of which she wrote brought tears to my eyes. I've been raw for two years (little over one @ 100%) and other than some short phases of yoga I haven't done any exercising. In fact, many times I feel like exercising but somehow I stop myself. After reading your friend's words it all makes sense to me. I've been holding back the full detox. I've written many times about how the emotional detox is much more difficult for me because of my past, but now it all makes so much sense.

Thank you so very much for sharing. For me, realizing something on an intellectual level always helps me on a subconscious level.

Lots of love to you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Penni,

I was just curious to know where you purchase your raw goat milk in Tulsa?

M West

Anonymous said...

I just sent you an email, but the ingredients for the RFRW granola are on my shopping list for today! I'm really feeling like I needed to find your blog on this day so I can start making new choices. Thanks, Penni!