Thursday, April 10, 2008

Strawberry Nirvana - Day 41

Today was a nice day. I got a lot of computer work accomplished at home this morning and then I met up with a new friend to discuss the possibilities of her starting either a juice feast or a raw foods diet. This lovely woman is a friend of a few of my friends and she's been following my journey with juice since it began. She's no stranger to the concept of a raw food diet, but she just hasn't made that leap yet. We talked a lot about the pros and cons of starting a juice feast and she decided that it might be good to work towards eating raw first for a few weeks and see how that goes before committing to starting a juice feast. I think she is wise, considering her level of responsibility as a single mom, full time career person, and being involved in a long distance relationship. She really doesn't need to have a major detox scenario or a really complex regime with which to begin. Easing into raw would also give her time to re-learn food prep, make some adjustments to her kitchen as well as give her time to make a quality decision on which juicer to buy. Anyway, meeting with "JM" today was a treat and I look forward to hearing more from her as her story starts to unfold!

I also should mention that I was a juice princess for the day! That's right...I only ended up making one quart of juice today because the rest of what I drank came from my "fairy juice princess"....aka Cynthia Beavers of Pure Raw Cafe (soon to be opening at 37th & Harvard in Tulsa). Cynthia made the most delicious mixtures for me that were delivered right to my door last evening. It was a special gift to myself to celebrate 40 days in the juice wilderness and believe me, drinking her juices was like entering into the Promised Land! There was one that was a blend of spinach, cilantro, coconut water, green curry, lime and I think a dab of jalapeƱo, which won my top billing. She delivered another that she calls Tantric Thai that is somewhat similar but carrot juice is a bit more predominant. And finally, the Strawberry Nirvana.....coconut water, blended and strained strawberries and freshly squeezed orange juice, to which I added some spirulina and it was to die for. I have felt so spoiled for the past 24 hours, but I felt I deserved a special juice treat!

Other than that, today was otherwise a pretty mellow Thursday. I am looking forward to my yoga class in the morning and another call with Kevin Gianni. This guy has done so much to promote the raw food industry and he really is a great guy. Hopefully I will be able to help him behind the scenes on one or more of his upcoming projects. I know I can learn a great deal from his experience and wisdom in the health industry. Is anybody else looking forward to the weekend like me?!


MARYYX said...

oh, those juices sound SO yummy!

I'm glad you treated yourself.


Kristen's Raw said...

Oh, those juices sound just HEAVENLY!!! I wish I had some :)


Anonymous said...

I would like to get a colonic and I'm not sure where to go. Can anyone recommend a good place in Tulsa? Thanks!


Penni said...

Amanda, if you'll contact me at my direct email, I will be happy to make a good referral to you.

Thanks for reading!

Carrie Cegelis said...

oooh, how fancy to be a juice princess for a day! sounds just divine....sounds like you are on a strawberry kick, too!

way to go on your juice feast, madam! you are doing such a great job! it is such a lovely break - a time out to really reconsider what you want your nutrition to be like when you return to eating. lots of patience and compassion is required! and joy abounds....

thanks for stopping by - have a beautiful day!

LittleGirl l BIG VOICE said...

Weekend. Hell to the yeah! So excited for the farmer's market!!!

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait til Cynthia's place much more exciting than waiting in the parking lot of Whole Foods for a "delivery" !! I'll be coming to Tulsa even more often!

I am tickled green that you allowed yourself the opportunity to enjoy some specially concocted treats, celebrating reaching the monumental 40 day mark of your current journey.

Keely said...

You deserve to be treated like a princess!!! Congratulations on your journey!!!

Penni said...

A note to the anonymous comment're negative energy and vengeful spirit is not welcome on this blog. We all sin and fall short in this life. I already know the information you are spreading and it is apparently your vendetta to create and further any ugliness. I will pray for your sad and angry heart.

MARYYX said...

Hey Penni
Sorry to hear you've got someone being hateful.

Thank you so much for your encouragement.