Thursday, April 17, 2008

Feeling Synergy - Day 48

Although it was a dreary day outside with lots of clouds, rain and thunderstorms, it's been bright and sunny here on the inside. It was just one of those days everyone enjoys so much....the kind where you don't take a shower until about 6 pm. That's right, I stayed in my lounge wear all day and worked on the computer, did laundry, dishes, ran the vacuum, dusted, listened to music and basically puttered. No place to go at any certain time.....don't you love days like that? And especially with the weather being as such, I just hibernated and got my groove on. Awesomeness!

I just got a message from my friend Peter Cervoni and he's in Oklahoma this week! He lives in Hollywood, Florida and he's the amazing raw chef that collaborates/works with Chad Sarno and Mandy Canistelle. When he was here in February, I took this fabulous raw Italian cuisine class from he and Mandy that you can read about here. Since then we have stayed in contact and I think he is so cool, both personally and professionally. He is the raw community's best kept secret. I'm not kidding. I am going to work on him and see if he'll allow me to pimp him a bit. I could totally see him hanging with the boys from WLIR and being the guest chef at some of the upcoming GI2MR events. Today's picture is one I snatched from Peter's online photo album, in it is the beautiful Mandy, woolly Paul Nison and the Italian stallion, Peter.

I also had a bit of dialog with Matt Monarch today. He has to be the hardest working guy in raw food, I swear. Well, maybe he and Paul Nison are running neck in neck for that award! Matt and Angela Stokes are the sweetest couple and what a match made in heaven they are. They have some really cool things in the works and I can't wait to follow along as their plans unfold. If you haven't visited Raw Food World, their online store (see the link on the left side of this page), you should check totally it out. I bought some of my juice feasting supplements from them and my new Anastasia book, which I can't wait to read!

Thursday's Daily Juice (back by popular demand)....
1.5 qt. blackberry, strawberry and romaine w/ raw honey and spirulina
1.5 qt. honeydew and romaine w/ Crystal Manna Flakes
1 qt. mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, basil, onion sprouts, garlic, yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, lime juice, sea salt.


Anonymous said...

Hey Penni,
The people in the picture look totally awesome, no seriousely you can pick up their vibe from the photo.
I love those kind of days where I get to putter :)
Your melon juice sounds heavenly. I feel so connected with a truly happening vibe since I have "met" you in this community you really have it going on so to speak.
Have a great day :) xo Dea

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am so glad to fall into the popular demand catagory :) Thanks for sharing your daily conconctions again!