Monday, April 14, 2008

Special Connections - Day 45

I can remember a time in my past when I used to get the Monday blues. Now it's almost hard to recall the last time I felt that sense of dread when Monday rolled around, but now I find myself so thankful at the beginning of each week. I have started viewing Mondays as a new opportunity to create new experiences and to be open to what God wants to bring into my life every week. Today was a perfect example of what I know Mondays can be. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Angela first thing this morning. Angela and I have been online friends for over a year and why we haven't found the time to get together before now is a mystery, but at the same time, it was well worth the wait. She drove in from her home in Bartlesville and we met up at the Cherry Street Coffee House for great conversation and a cup of tea.

Angela and I have plenty in common. We are both moms, raw foodies, information and education junkies and we share a vision and desire to help others and better our own lives while doing so. Angela is both bright and beautiful. She is one of those people that you meet and you immediately feel like you've known them for a long time. After a wonderful time of sharing, we parted with an understanding that today was just the first of many, many more such conversations. Thank you, Angela!

I am also delighted to share that I've been asked to write an article/essay for this week's feature segment on We Like It Raw, Women's Week. Dhrumil has a fantastic line up of essays and podcasts planned from women who work in the world of health and raw food. Check out who and what is on the agenda:
  • Bell Chung on the female period and myths about the menstruation cycle

  • Natalia Rose on growing up with an eating disorder and finding balance within raw foods [podcast]

  • Sarma Melngailis on getting a few products to help you get the glow

  • Stacey & Susan on female body image issues, how they found raw food and coaching others [podcast]

  • Penni Shelton on her motivation behind Juice Feating and how the experience has been so far (OMG....that's me!!)

  • Ani Phyo on her raw food journey and becoming a successful raw chef [podcast]

  • Emily Shaules on rising above fibromyalgia and finding purpose in her life
Please try to log each day for inspiring stories and for a wealth of progressive health related

I also had the opportunity to have a great phone conversation with Margo Jakobi, raw food coach and public speaker, from St. Joseph, Missouri. Margo has an infectious passion for health, raw and vegan foods and for reaching out, helping and inspiring others. She has some really amazing things in the works and her energy really poured fueled on some of my own personal desires, like actually doing the ebook, that so far, has just been rattling around on the MC Word of my mind. So, brainstorming with her was another spectacular treat and a great motivator in the middle of my day.

Tomorrow is my half way mark!! That's right I'll have been juicing for 46 days which is half way to my goal of 92 days. This time has really gone by quickly and it's hard to believe I'm looking at the road ahead and it's all down hill from here on out. Tomorrow will be a real milestone on this journey and I hope to have something wonderful and meaningful to share with you for my 46th day ;- )

My juices were pretty simple today....before noon was a couple of quarts of orange/carrot/spirulina and then afternoon and evening another two quarts of celery/spinach/green onion/cherry tomatoes/cilantro/ jalapeƱo/garlic/lime/sea salt/freshly cracked pepper to taste. I drink some variation of this juice every evening and it basically tastes like salsa.....I am addicted.


Anonymous said...

This morning started my week off with a BANG! (About the worst picture of me I can remember...but you are absolutely dazzling!)

I feel deeply and strongly about your evolving calling in this life. I believe we will have many new opportunities to meet and brainstorm further quite soon.

Remember this, when you step outside if "the norm" and start walking on a new path, it is ok to have doubts and questions. But, by finding and pursuing your calling, you passion, you will begin to lead a life that fulfill you in all ways.

David and Katrina Rainoshek said...

Wow, what an exciting day! I look forward to reading your article for WLIR!

Hugs, Katrina

Hanlie said...

I was so inspired by Bell's article and can't wait for yours!

Anonymous said...

how exciting about the article on WLIR, can't wait to read all of you but especially you.
xo Dea

MARYYX said...

The energy you exude is magnetic, Penni. That, in combination with your making yourself available, is going to lead to continued exposure. I'm proud of you.

I hope to meet you in person one of these days, too. I try to get up to Kansas once a month to help my daughter - and you are right between here and there!

Have a good one

Michelle said...

You are rockin girl. Things are falling into place for you so beautifully. I can't wait to read your article!


Vegannosaurus Rex said...

as always, you rock. We really have to meet someday.