Monday, May 19, 2008

Emotions - Day 80

Today I've been living on juice for 80 days. Whew.....that's a long darn time, people. And in my humanness, I've grown rather bored with juice, if you must know the truth. But it's no secret that I've been feeling this way for sometime now, yet I am not SO terribly bored that I've decided to call it quits. I've come much too far with all of this to throw in the towel. Now don't get me wrong, if I had legitimate symptoms that indicated I should stop this juice train, I would, but I don't feel starved, too thin (in my dreams) or anything else that worries me. It's just that my old human flesh is thinking.....FOOD, give me the good stuff, baby!! I realize that everybody else goes through these thoughts and feelings at this stage, so I am just hanging tight. I am enjoying my raw food books more than ever and I'm lusting for the meals that I will make when my juice feast has fully commenced. But I wouldn't mind if you'd remember me in your bedtimes prayers either :- )

I have thought a lot about how seductive food is over the past 80 days. There's no doubt that we eat so often for reasons other than genuine hunger. So little of what, how, when and why we eat is actually about real hunger. I am so eager to read the latest ebook by Angela Stokes, Raw Emotions. Angela covers this very topic expertly in her book and I've been told it isn't a light read but more of a therapeutic study guide. It is interesting that I read her first ebook, A Juice Feaster's Handbook, when I first started this feast and now I'll be reading her second work as my juice feast comes to a close. Angela....thanks for being there as a trail blazer and for intimately sharing your own personal journey with us.

Today I met a good friend whom I've known for many years at Te Kei's for lunch/juice. Karen Wicker is a dear friend and an amazing lady who I admire so much. Believe it or not, Karen once weighed well over 200 pounds. When we had lunch today, we discussed her story and how she has kept her weight off for the last 20 years. Although Karen doesn't consider herself to be a raw foodist, she does eat a high percentage of raw foods and she is also very mindful of everything she eats in general. She also runs and works out regularly, which she says is key for maintaining long term weight goals. Spending time with Karen today was really motivational and very helpful as I am currently working on my post juice feasting plans/progam. Going back into the world of solids isn't something I will take lightly and I want to be fully prepared for the "re-entry." A big shot out to Karen for sharing her wisdom and super good energy with me today!


Charissa said...

Oh my goodness! You truly are amazing! 80 days...I know you can do it!!! Just think only 12 more days, unless you're still doing 100days..either way, it's not too long. You're truly a big inspiration!

Linda Salas said...

Hang in there! I am hanging with you! at moments by what seems like a thread...but strong thread...I will see this through and try to focus on the NOW during the remaining 12 days! Thanks for your support in this last 80 days! I can´t wait for it to be September when I can give you a real hug! (you do know us latinos are touchy feely? hahaha jk). Tons of love go out to you!

Dea said...

Hey Penni,
first of all kudos on 80 days! As for being bored I so understand! Its day 56 for me or 80 based on other count and man this past week and weekend my bod was just saying no to juice! So I dialed it back, drank my favorite herb tea verbena infusion and drank melon juice and cucumber celery juice. Now I am better. You have accomplished so much in the last few months, I am so proud of you. I do pray for you and your famiy but I will put in extra prayers for you in these challenging are so there girl. Lots of love.
Ps. I may have to come home twice this summer will email you about it, in July and then September :)Hang in there bella mia you are so there. Thank you for being such a hero for me and many others lots of love Dea xoxo

RawBin said...

80 days! Vroom! Vroom! Just keeps on goin'! You're doing great! We're all rooting for you! (boy, I use a lot of exclamation points)
Just as you come off of this I'll be going onto it, so you definitely have my prayers. You're my inspiration!

Hanlie said...

You can do it! I stopped on Day 80, but I'm already thinking about another juice feast. Not a long one, but the first in a series of short ones.

Thinking of you!

Ornery's Wife said...

Just found your blog from VerveEarth. I am also in Tulsa, and while I am not convinced I could go completely raw or juice for 100 days like you are, I am blogrolling your blog so I can go back and get some recipes.

loulou said...

hey Penni, I wanted to stop by mostly because on Twitter you say you're having a tough day. But Twitter's being cranky so I can't send support that way... so... just to let you know that a) boredom's ok, you know, understandable and b) 80 days is phenomenal. go you! and c) huge hugs to get you through the tough bits today. xxx

HiHoRosie said...

Congrats pretty lady! 80 days is quite a feat and I'm very proud of your determination throughout. My prayers are with you as you continue on your journey - not much more to go!

Keely said...

I can't tell you how proud I am of you!!!

Oooh! I guess I just did! [grin]

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you my dear friend...sending luv your way today espcially.



Keely said...

I forgot to tell you! Angela is giving away her e-book Raw Emotions to participants in the current The Raw Divas Cravings and Emotional Eating Program. She is also doing a teleseminar with them which will be available to members of that program!!!

uza said...

Wow, Penni, 80 days Juicing??? Way to go! This is my first time visiting your blog, so I'll need to go back and review your previous posts to see how it went 'til now!
It's so inspiring to connect with real live people who have successfully done it: Maintained a 100% raw lifestyle, survived a 92 day juice feast, etc. It makes me ashamed of myself that I'm such a quitter!

Michael said...

Very impressive! I'm on day 22 and while I'm not hungry and could probably remain on this feast for 92 days full, I've just gotten bored of it. I'd much rather go raw vegan and have the strength start into a disciplined workout routine (P90X). And I can't wait to have pineapple and watermelon! On day 30 I'm done, then 2 days later I am going to eat at Pure Food & Wine.

Wendi Dee said...

What a beautiful picture of you and your friend! She looks great and I never would have guessed she was once 200 pounds.

Thinking about foods when we aren't hungry really is fascinating. We are so connected to our foods, I wonder if we'll ever truly understand the whole of it.

Lots of love to you,

Wendi Dee