Thursday, May 29, 2008

Listening to the Sages - Day 90

Right now I am savoring an unexpectedly good tasting green juice. For days, perhaps even weeks, I haven't really been feeling the love connection with my savory green juices as I once did. However, I think its pretty normal to be feeling that way at this stage of the feast. I've really tried to follow the majority of the hardcore juice feaster's blogs, and from what I can surmise, what I am experiencing is pretty standard. More than anything, for me, it's just being flat weary of the intensity of the whole juicing process. After three months, anything that receives this much of ones attention can get a bit rigorous.

I had the pleasure of speaking with my very good friend, Philip McCluskey today. I have mentioned Philip, of Loving Raw, a number of times here on the blog. Philip successfully finished his 100 day juice feast earlier in May. We talked about many things, but 2 points main points stood out to me from our conversation.....Philip and I both approached our juice feast in a similar manner, as if it was our job. We took it very seriously and had a plan and were commitment to seeing it through to completion. Making the commitment to juice that much for an extended period truly does require a vision, dedication and focus. So, it's not to be entered into lightly. Philip also shared that it is equally as important to maintain that same level of commitment as one breaks their juice feast. As you can imagine, it's not cool to drink all of this amazing, mineralizing and alkalizing, organic juice for 90+ days and then go right back into complex, hard to digest foods or even high fat foods anytime soon. Think of a baby who has just been weaned from it's mother....what is the best source of nutrition for that baby? Foods that are blended, easy to assimilate, digestable and simple. If we have been juicing exclusively for any length of time, so it should be with our transition back into the world of solid foods. I trust the idea behind this approach and I'm creating my own plan now to transition very slowly and methodically back to whole foods in a similar fashion. So I will basically be moving into a modified version of a juice feast for them next month and a half.

This is the commonality of the message that I'm hearing from those who have traveled this road before me. My dear friend and amazing raw chef, Peter Cervoni, has done a number of 40+ day juice fasts and he has repeatedly expressed to me the need to re-enter very deliberately and carefully. Matt Monarch of Raw Success has taught on this subject for a quite some time as well. The mentor of both Matt and Peter, Dr. Fred Bisci, is a wise sage on this subject matter and his teachings are well respected and quoted on I am simply sharing all of this with you to help you understand the importance of taking the last phase of your juice feasting process as seriously as you took it from the very beginning, if not more so.

Thursday's Daily Juice:
2 qt. Master Cleanse
.5 qt. orange/grapefruit/spirulina
1.5 qt. celery, cucumber, cilantro, scallion, red bell pepper, garlic, jalapeƱo, lime juice, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, macadamia nut oil.


Linda Salas said...

lots of love to you! 90 days girl! it is pretty much over and the journey back home (or so to say) begins, journey bck to a better home... I also plan to cut back on nuts, just for parties of cooking for friends, less and better oils if any, and a whole new approach to raw foods... another adventure begins!


Anonymous said...

You go girl......whatever!

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Hey Penni,
Just wanted to say about the overeating tendencies comment on my blog... I'm happy to report that the JF went a l-o-n-g way to change that habit. I was happily SHOCKED that I have a really hard time overeating anything now. I feel like I have a new person inside me that forgot that other person's bad habits. I have a (thin) friend who won't take a bite of anything... not even a TASTE if she isn't hungry. I never understood that before, but now I completely understand and feel the same way. So I don't think you need to worry about it. Just flow back into food the way your body wants to, and you will be fine.
So close my friend, so close..
Pixy Lisa

R. Patrick Shelton said...

Hey Penni,
Great blog. I've enjoyed it. Tell Gordon and Gabby I said hello. I think I'll be coming out to the OK this fall with the old man for a Sooners game so I hope to see you then.
I'd like to hear more about your rock 'n' roll days in the '80s.
See ya soon!
P.s. give Gabby a belated happy-birthday high five for me. Fifteen is a big one...Just don't let her watch that horrid MTV show, "Sweet 16."

HiHoRosie said...

Wow! YOu're almost done! I can't believe how quickly time has flown. Wasn't it day 75 like yesterday??? Anyway, good job! I'm so happy for you. Prayers for you, Dad and daughter on their way. Take care.

Bob Bush said...

So close! You need to do something to celebrate. Hey, I hear Neil Diamond is touring. What a way to thank your husband for all of his support! ;-)



Lovingraw said...

It was wonderful speaking with you. I love resonating with people that have been through "it". : )

Wendi Dee said...

It's almost the final day!! How great that you were able to talk with Philip. I think he's a lovely soul.

I think it's so awesome that you are thinking through the whole process of ending your feast. I can imagine that it wouldn't feel very good to jump right back into solid foods too quickly.

Lots of love to you,

Wendi Dee

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