Thursday, May 8, 2008

Help for Callie

I want you to meet Callie and Isaiah

Callie E. is a 25 year old single mom with a 17 month old child, living in Bartlesville, OK, just a short drive north of Tulsa where I live. Callie's mom died when she was a young child (approx 5 yrs old) and Callie ran away from an abusive father at 13.

Callie is a self taught, hard working young woman who has no support system. She found herself making poor choices in the past but has been "clean" for three years (Yay Callie!!). Callie has beaten the odds and is determined to be a good mom to 17 month old Isaiah. The two of them have been healthy and happy as Callie worked hard to care for them the best she knew how. Paternal father has not provided for Isaiah or been a part of his young life.

About a month ago Callie visited the Green Country Free Clinic for what she thought was a minor issue, something easily fixed. Unfortunately it isnt...BUT the provider who met Callie on her visit had a long history in cancer care, and after several visits it was determined that Callie has Cancer of the tongue which has entered her young lymph system.

Callie is a brave young woman facing overwhelming health issues and no health insurance. Her biggest fear is not for herself, but that her child be taken because she is unable to care for him.

Her first weekend after diagnosis has been filled with picture taking and tape recording herself reading books for her dear son. More than likely Callie will not be able to speak to Isaiah after her surgery.
Yesterday Callie was scheduled for surgery, but when the local surgeon went in he found more than what he bargained for and he promptly sewed her shut. There is work being done to get a specialist from Oklahoma City to take over.

A checking account has been opened to help cover rent, food, daycare, utilities etc in this difficult time. The Arvest Bank Account , Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is under the names of Deborah Hendricks and Cindra Pribil. The account number is 38819182 and is handled by Emily Waggoner at Arvest Bank.

Thanks to my precious friend, Angela, who lives in Bartlesville, for facilitating help for Callie.


Hanlie said...

How tragic! I will certainly keep her in my thoughts...

loulou said...

Hi Penni, that's so sad. Can we organise, between you and me, to send her the Kris Carr dvd? I'll pay for it if you arrange to get it to her at your end? Let me know! x

S. said...

Wow, if I could send something I would, but I'm short on funds right now. This is such a shame and I will keep her in my thoughts. Deepest sympathies to her and her son.

Angela said...

Thanks for spreading the word Penni. There are quite a few wonderful women helping Callie right now. Dawnette is my point person, and she gets her info from the oncology nurse and from Callie. All I have done so far is get lots of fun toys for Isaiah and working on gathering some nutrition information and recipes that I can put together in a easy non-overwhelming fashion.

I think the Kris Carr dvd would be great for Callie! If you and loulou can't get it I can order it and deliver it since she is here in Bartlesville.

If you have friends online or in "real" life who want to send her encouragement cards or emails...let me know, I will arrange for them to be delivered.

Angela said...

I just put together an email contact for people to send encouraging emails for Callie. I can print them off and deliver them to her. I'll even make her a notebook with clear sheet protectors so she can keep them all together in one place.

Wendi Dee said...

This is very sad.

I am sending much healing love to your friend, and I'm covering her sweet, innocent son with a loving bubble to protect his sweet soul during his mother's difficult times ahead.