Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raw Goes Mainstream - Day 82

I know that many of you have had an opportunity to see a copy of the June issue of Food & Wine Magazine. But - in case you might have missed it, below is the article that features Ani Phyo as she takes raw food into the mainstream! I especially love it that Ani is positioned right in the middle of the Grilling Issue!

Simply Delicious Raw-Food Recipes -

Ani Phyo isn’t evangelical about raw food; she just wants to create healthy, inspiring meals with ultrafresh ingredients, like zucchini “pasta” with tangy no-cook marinara.

Like leather jackets and bangs, the raw-food diet has reinvented itself every decade since the 1960s. Ani Phyo, who was raised on a mostly “living” diet by her health-conscious parents, is one of the leaders of raw food’s latest cycle, thanks to the clever, uncomplicated recipes she develops for restaurants, athletes and corporations like Adidas. The 39-year-old’s dishes appeal both to raw foodists (who believe heating ingredients above 104°F kills essential enzymes) and omnivores who want to eat more healthfully. “It’s easy to become obsessive about eating raw,” says the author of the recently published Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. “I don’t want that. I just try to make raw food more accessible to everyone.” Her spaghetti-like zucchini ribbons, dressed with tangy heirloom-tomato marinara, is a vibrant, summery spin on the traditional pasta and red sauce, and her garlicky corn soup thickened with pureed cashews is as flavorful as its cooked counterpart—and much faster to prepare. Phyo’s desserts, like soft cardamom-date bars topped with a crunchy almond crumble, are also universally appealing. “A person doesn’t have to be 100 percent raw to benefit,” she says."

Ani wrote to me today and here is a blurp from her note.... "thanks so much for your support, penni. perhaps you'd consider writing a letter to the editor at food & wine asking them to include more raw articles. would your friends be willing to be the same? that would really be awesome. thanks for sharing the message!
: )

Won't you please consider logging into Food & Wine to register, then you can give some feedback or write to the editor and encourage more of this type of article in forthcoming issues. I thank you in advance for taking a minute to do so. We should support this incredible raw sister who is shining her light, right in the smack dab middle of the June Grilling Issue!! Big props to Ani Phyo!!

Wednesday's Daily Juice:
All fresh orange juice, all day, w/ spirulina & VitaMineral Green
(I would have rather had a nice shot of vodka, to tell the truth)


Hanlie said...

And what's this I hear about Oprah!

I like Ani's approach. I personally believe in a 80+% raw food diet. It goes without saying that the cooked portion must not be processed, refined, fried, etc. For us it mostly means some chickpeas, a little bit of vegan soup, some rice or baked potato.

Birch Center said...

How funny - I posted about Ani Phyo in my blog yesterday (Wednesday), too! She's awesome...thanks for the info about the article in Food and Wine.

RawBin said...

Thank you thank you! I did not get to see the article, so now I have both the article and the address. Cool that you sent bunny a care package. I had Rawdorable to thank for turning me onto raw foods. Not everyone is so lucky! You're fantastic!

Kristen's Raw said...

I'll head over to the magazine web page right now :)

HiHoRosie said...

Hi Penni - I did a similar post ( and am happy that raw food (Ani included) are getting more positive attention in the media. I will have to do my duty to keep it up by email F&W too. :)

Natasha said...

I just visited Bunny Berry's blog! You are such a Sweetheart!
And such a good girl for not having the vodka, your liver loves you!
Love and Light,

Birch Center said...

Hi again!
You are so awesome for sending Bunny all those treats! I can't believe the crunch of the corn chips...mine are always so soggy.
I'd LOVE to see the recipes if you felt like sharing them!
~ Melissa

Dea said...

Thank you for providing this info for us, this was so nice of you.

Btw I too just saw Bunnyberry's vlog and saw her rave about the pkg of treats you sent her, you are such a sweet person. Hope you are well.
Love Dea xox

Wendi Dee said...

I love Ani! I'd love to meet her in person some day. I just printed out the orange cardamom date bar recipe, because I LOVE cardamom!

It's so awesome that raw foods is spreading to the mainstream more and more as the days pass!!

Lots of love to you,

Wendi Dee