Monday, May 12, 2008

Granola Girls - Day 73

Today was a fun afternoon at the Cherry Street Coffee House with "the granola girls." I am not sure who came up with this affectionate title, but since we are all health conscious girly girls, it's a pretty cute label for us. When I think of granola girls I think hiking and hairy arm pits, not glamorous, hip and progressive. But believe me, this bunch has got it going on! Jolanthe is the model-esque beauty from Holland that is a personal shopping consultant for J. Crew (bottom left), Angela is a sophisticated, fashionable raw mommy from Bartlesville (brunette in the black shirt), Michelle is the slender blond knockout that produces a local television show for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Sarah is the exotic beauty in purple that is in media and publishing, and then there is me, the local queen of juice.

I love getting together with these girls because no subject is taboo. We run the gamut in our discussions from religion to food to relationships and then on to more personal matters, like what constitutes a healthy BM. I can only imagine what the poor folks sitting at tables around us must think when we cheered about one of the girl's floating poop report. (You know your poo should float....did you know that?) It's true and I taught them the song....."Does it float, does it float in the toilet like a boat? If it sinks and it stinks, then you're sicker than you think." I bet I just lost subscribers with that one. can see that we have a great time chatting it up with our meaningful nonsense!
I love it that a community is slowly but surely coming together here in Tulsa. My dream is that one day soon we'll be having meet ups for like minded people where we can come and connect and share beautiful healthy food, stories, recipes, education and friendship. I don't think that time is too far off as I once did. I felt so isolated when I first started making lifestyle changes that related to my diet. All of that is changing, and for that, I am so grateful.

I also have to report that my husband's good friend, Terry Moses, who I have spoken of before on this blog, just started his own personal juice feast this morning! Terry and his wife, Anita, are hoping to do a 30 to 60 day juice feast. These two have been doing some cleansing work and building up to this for weeks as they have been replacing their evening meal with green smoothies. Between juicing some and the smoothies, Terry has commented on how amazed he is that he has no real hunger anymore. It is true that when the body is getting adequate nutrition, specifically in the way of leafy greens, the cravings just disappear. So, best of luck on your juice feasting adventure, Terry and Anita!! Can't wait to hear more about how you did on Day 1!

Monday's Daily Juice:
1.5 qt. grapefruit, orange, spirulina & coconut oil,
1 qt. celery, mizuna, spinach, cucumber, radish, jalapeño, onion, orange bell pepper, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, celtic sea salt.
2 oz. wheat grass shot (I do this nearly everyday, but always forget to put it in)
1.5 qt. "Spicy Green V8"......1 pint grape tomatoes, 4 carrots, 6 stalks celery, handful of spinach, 1/3 bunch cilantro, handful of arugula, 2 cloves garlic, 1 jalapeño, juice of two lemons, 1 tbsp. olive oil, cracked pepper, Celtic sea salt, 1 tbsp raw honey.
I juiced everything then put it all in a blender and added the oil, honey and seasoning and blended well until a bit emulsified....20 seconds. It was really good!


jolanthe Vlas said...

penni.. you're awesome! what a blessing it is to have girlfriends with whom you can share literally 'everything' with! xxx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful afternoon to share with friends. So sorry to have had to leave so soon :) It is a true to share time with smart, sassy, and health conscious Christian friends. Thank you for being the spark to bring this group together!

HiHoRosie said...

I was just commenting on Angela's blog what beautiful women all of you are. You are looking fabulous and glowing!

Charissa said...

Lots of beautiful're lucky to have likemeinded friends as far as health.

Have a lovely evening! <3

Hanlie said...

Wow, you are a glamorous lot!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful bunch of friends you have and how great is it that you are able to get together with people who are on the same page as you? Looks like a lot of fun.

I am so glad you had a nice Mother's Day. Your flowers are gorgeous!

You are doing so great! Keep on going girl!

Sarah said...

Penni! You are awesome! I want to hang out like that more often!

Isle Dance said...

How special that you have each other for an in-person support system. Lucky you! :o)

Bunny Berry said...

There is nothing I love more than healthy girly girls! You are all smokin' hot. I want to come to Tulsa sometime and be a Granola Girl for a day.

Cheryl Hoffman said...

Thanks for the note on my blog, you really brightened my day. :) I'm looking forward to using some of your juice recipes.

Kristen's Raw said...

You are all sooooooooooo gorgeous!

Super Sexy
Sassy goddesses :)

Hugs from Arizona to you Sunshine!

Sarah said...

You are truly blessed to have this little network! You're all super cute too!

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