Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Helping a fellow raw foodie.....

From Give It To Me Raw & Angela Stokes's Blog

Are you familiar with the world of 'RawBabyAlex' and mum Melissa Gilbert? If not, Melissa has been documenting her raw food baby's progress online for quite some time and it makes fascinating reading – especially for anyone interested in raising kids raw. Melissa has actually compiled two wonderful e-books of all the different recipes that Alex has loved as he's been growing up, from baby foods to toddler treats. (He is such a healthy big boy now that his blog has actually been moved along to 'Raw ToddlerAlex' ;) Melissa also keeps her own lovely blog at RawMom.blogspot.com, as well as writing regularly for the info-packed raw magazine Pear.

Unfortunately, this amazing little raw family are having some pretty challenging times at present...in February they were burgled and all their possessions were taken. They moved house and even state, only to discover that they cannot find work in their new location and that very soon they will likely be homeless. They are in a time of crisis. On her most recent blog, Melissa writes that she visited the local food bank to try to get something to eat. They had no raw foods, except 5 bunches of celery, which they gave her. When she got home however, she realised they were almost totally rotten and unusable. Melissa is an incredible mother and gives tirelessly and with so much love to the raw community through her writings. I would feel so sad to see this amazing young family living out in the scorching Arizona desert in a tent with seemingly nowhere left to turn. They really could use some support right now - this is an opportunity to help out an incredible raw family. Instead of just asking people to donate money to help them with their situation however, I'd love to recommend that you invest in Melissa's 2 fabulous ebooks – 'Sunsational Raw Baby Food' and 'Sun-Sational Smoothies'. They are just $10 each, available from her site HERE. Imagine the difference $20 could make to a family that is in dire straits right now...and YOU get smthg wonderful too – two recipe books packed with tried-and-tested recipes ;) (When you go to Pay Pal, click on the link for "Send Money" on their site. Then you input her email address for recipient and input the amount for whichever books you want. Then in the comment section tell her which book you want. You do need a Pay Pal account set up in order to do this. Hope this helps.) I sincerely hope the raw food community will reach out and support this loving family unit in their time of need...please feel free to re-post this message and pass it along to others in the raw food community too...and enjoy the recipes ;)

(P.S. If you DO feel moved to simply send a donation to the family, their Paypal email address is loverawlife@gmail.com)


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Kristen's Raw said...

I wish the best for Melissa and her family. She's truly an amazing woman. I have her ebooks and they're great.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know about this family. You have such a big heart and I hope we can help them get over this hump!

jessica said...

so important to extend ourselves when there is a call for help.
thank you for the opportunity.